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Main site for video game/tech discussions, playing GINE, and also my first website.

Major redesign and reimagination have been announced!

Early mockup
Early mockup

Convert the site to a media corporation, innovate on many aspects well, and be unique in lineup, and even the features..

There is no progress limit as this site will continue to release more posts.



Crashy news

A new site about the news of crash bandicoot and more.

(Minor project)

There is no progress limit as this site will continue to release more posts.


A Video game console and controller/multimedia device concept that focuses on simplicity and more.

Progress so far: 100% (Will have some changes of course)

Next revision (Final) will come later before the end of this year




(On hiatus)

Wanna read an incomplete intro chapter for the story? Then click here!

(Note: This project is not a fan-project or anything like that)




An FPS game for 3WIREL! (GUNZ-inspired)

(On hiatus)

This project currently requires me to personally find at least 2 people to work over the course of months (could last 1-2 years to make a substantial game), will update when I have new details

Coming soon:

  • Trice conceptualization of devices
  • Unspecified project for Information System Security studies (unknown for now)
  • Unannounced business startup (proposed)

Other collaborations:

  • Motwera City conceptual city reimagination (Recently started on a Twitter profile)
  • New logo for Bring Back Bandicoot
  • A custom banner for SSMB
  • Undisclosed Website management