Iceafated Brinks



The frozen, hard-blooded, brink-fated truth. What is the truth about that, when it’s hard-pressed, crystal-cold iced, meticulously-crafted hardcover book that’s tucked in a novel, how spooling and freak-headed that is? It came in drooling through the mind, on a nice sunny Sunday Afternoon just after 12, I was strolling on 77 St-3rd Avenue street Intersection, townhouse-style neighbourhood street in Manhattan, near Central Park, it was lushly-vivid, full of foreign-grown trees, bustling with people who just enjoy the idea and meaning of living life in its simplicity, escaping away from their issues just by… jogging, fumbling or playing around, that is when I came around home after my short 3-hour lecture of Health Studies to bring back my most read and seemingly normal hardcover book, called “Brinicles of Kate”, a novel of which it enticed me of its fantastically expansive premise of unleashing a brink of an ice age, like the forgotten figurehead that gets unfrozen upon its spelling, didn’t expect much out of a novel to be in a literal translation to the book’s warm-headed room temperature to become the frozen spearhead princess that is, Kate.

Let’s say that I couldn’t be further from the truth that I screwed up something as simple as returning this novel that I had to read for my studies, boy, it was quite a ride to be honest. I honestly couldn’t think that a novel with the such an un-amusingly-imagined title, would literally turn my life upside down just for the sake of returning it. To only express distress in this revelation of saying that it’s only fiction is an understatement of its fantasy that only the fanciest of panty-sized people would ever come to believe above and beyond the rituals of novel-reading. I fancy myself as the gentle female, of whom I feel appreciative and supportive of imagination, I love me the grizzled, gently cut coconut, as you have heard, I study in Health Studies at Hunter College, got a small job currently at a nearby Macy’s, earning every penny of that money I could squeeze to pay for my tuition, sizzling with my social life around my friends and colleagues (Had two boyfriends that I broke up with, but that’s okay), the boring and small things, sometimes they work out when I go all the way, to the imagination, leave that up to for the rest for interpretation.

Let’s spot on a lightbulb on how this Frozen-to-be novel fiasco came to be, or rather, the supernatural imagination coming to life. I was on my way home from Hunter College, just after lecture of Health Studies, I arrive there at the entrance of the townhouse, I sensed a strange suspicion of mystery coming that was a bit unusual from the way the door creaks and opens, nothing too concerning. Then I do the usual after every Afternoon past 12 coming tired, exhausted like the giant bear coming to his long-winter sleep, I come into the kitchen, prepare some tentative-breezed smoothie cup of healthy veggies, I drink it, I move on. I swift through the kitchen to do some other minor chores, such as turning up the dishes after washing them, prepping the food for me and my cute, fuzzy white-bred dog, hop upstairs like a juggler in the circus, speeding through to my room to wash and dress up. And then, that moment of relief and inspiration comes through, thus I jump on the bed like I am about to hop off from the airplane out of enjoyment, that fizzles and rushes through my blood vessels, I relax… and have a small nap. I, then, get a call from one of my friends, Kristen, the phone that rang with the beats of Rock from a popular teenage celebrity singer, I slowly drag out of my safe zone, the bed that is, and pick up, swiping through the green dialer button, our conversation was about our studies, fashion, news, you name it, this is where I think it got interesting, the movie part.

“Hey, Karen, what’s up?” She asked numbing-ly. “Good, nothing too mind-blowing or fashionable, what you got for today?” responding back, skipping through here and there, “Have you heard of that new novel from Kaplin Hopkins, the Uttered Life?” “Sure, of course I heard of it, I heard it was pretty good but you know, I wish if they didn’t end up ruining the last book by turning it into a movie, you know how that ends up, Kristen” I respond regarding the upcoming book… After some discussion about that, it only just hit me that the book she was talking about was written by Kaplin Hopkins, also wrote the “Brinicles of Kate”, which reminded me of my everlasting late-night reading sessions before the thrilling sleep time, I forgot that I have to return it to the nearby library by 8PM, “aw shucks!”, I exclaimed in my mind. I hop onto the laptop, quickly shifting through the college website and typing in the obligatory login details as I rush through myself to check for homework and other things, then quickly checking the clock, I sighed in relief in the knowledge of making it way before 8PM, the library’s closure time, I come by, at 4:30PM, outta the house without noticing anything strange with the door this time, no creaking, nothing weird. It only was when I gone midway through my walk to the library did I sense something unusual and breezy, but it was only 25C. It started getting colder, harsher and it was only coming out of my bag, colored in dark black and purple colors on my back, I came into a halt and shifted my way instead into a hidden alleyway, kind of sketchy-looking and dirty, it was no big deal as it was more exposed than most usual alleyways in NYC. Only did I little ever know, did that novel I pulled out of my bag, literally frozen in cold ice, it wasn’t even melting in this weather, I was freaked out and in a state of shock, I thought “How could this happen?! How in the world did a book literally freeze, I know this happens in movies, but I wasn’t uttering this to happen when I was around, did I forget something?”. Well, it turns out that I did indeed forget something, that book… it was one of a kind, the book is from the library and was after all, normal looking, but I noticed something strange beforehand. Remember, I started noticing creaks unusual to the townhouse I reside in, even when I asked a technician to fix it, no dice after a few days, it was always before I read or stumble upon the book, it was strange to find that this book was haunted in its icy mystery, am I going to find out about the Brink of the ice age from Kate’s fate, just because of my mistake of getting the wrong copy of the book? God sure knows…

I attempted breaking the ice, two hits with a stick I found from the Trash Bin, only to have it EXPLODE in breezy-iced storming wind!

“WHAT HAVE YOU UNLEASHED, YOU MISERABLE PILE OF SECRETS?!” screamed with a screeching voice, Kate. “THANKS TO YOU, I WILL NEVER LET YOU SEE THE LIGHT OF YOUR WARMTH!!” “NO, I will not let you get off your mind, I read you and know your weaknesses, you stink of that bleeding heart!” I screamed back at her, I start running away as quickly as possible from her wrath, I try to call Kristen, nothing, dice up with Hank, nothing as well, but then I knew of Jane, she knew something was up. “KAREN, TRY TO FIND THE OTHER PAGE, ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS THAT THE LIBRARIAN MISSED 3 PAGES FROM THE COPY YOU GOT, I HAD THIS COPY OF THE BOOK BEFORE, TRUST ME!” Screamed agony to plead saving me from this trouble, Jane. I try rushing through the library and almost broke running into the doors, panting all the way into the librarian where I still have the book getting colder and me, trying to keep it held in place, only to have Kate arrive right after I get to the librarian, “PLEASE, MR. I need your help! Please try to find the other 3 missing pages from this book, something’s horrible has happen- AHH!” I SCREAMED, HE SCREAMED in response, “HERE, HAVE THIS AND TRY TO SPELL THE CAST AGAINST HER, HURRY!!!” he responded in a hellish rush…

“U an, Tua Queen, Thy Kate be of warmth, let she be the blood of that kingdom, arise her away from the devils of hell!, QUAIN QUAY HETH UPON MY SPELL!” sights… she shrieked, she backed off, she started melting, so as the book itself, evaporated. The place is sheathed from the damage and crystallized broken glass and crickled bookshelves and stools. “Thank you, you saved us all and you saved your butt-cheeks from this misery of a book, I couldn’t believe someone would somehow stumble upon it, here… let me take it, keep it away, maybe forever” The librarian exclaims in relief, slowly away from my hands, I couldn’t imagine, was my brisk imagination and reading session this intimidate of my brief but small insight into what I thought of the mediums with this? People talk about all sorts of crazy stories but, after all, it did happen, I witnessed a supernatural incident, coming through the book that I never thought would be this creaking and strange, it only took a read to be that imaginative. After all, I was imagining some things while walking through the streets of Manhattan by this very book, it was bristled with the beautiful, crystalline ice, it was warm on its own from the cold, it was after all, about dominating the devil out of the soul. After all of this, the police, ambulance and firetrucks came rushing into the scene, only to find out that there were no intimate deaths, only minor injuries and witnesses that never saw the full potential of imagination that may have gone too real, out of a few missing pages gone awry because of the premise. My friends, they all came near by me, relieved by existence that I was safe from this madness, we all gone out and had a sip of coffee at the nearest coffee shop, strolled nearby the library just a few steps away. My name after all, was Kate, but I kept insisting on not being Kate, I think of myself as Karen, from the family of Wallace’s. The End.


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