The Perils of Kickstarter: How Erik Chevalier Failed to Make a Game with $122,874

Another Castle

Since Kickstarter’s inception in 2009, many amazing projects have come to fruition through crowd funding and have left users generally happy.  Occasionally, a project may take a bit longer to produce or may miss the funding mark altogether, but for the most part it is a fantastic way to support a great item with exclusive bonuses.  Board games seem to have a huge following on the site and some have even broken the one million dollar mark (most recently Cthulhu Wars by Sandy Peterson).  With rewards come risks — and with some of those risks come great disappointment.

Take, for example, the most recent failure on Kickstarter: The Doom that Came to Atlantic City.  Publisher Erik Chevalier described “Doom” as a “macabre parody of the classic game Monopoly featuring Cthulhu” with an initial funding goal of $35,000.  Within the course of thirty days, it almost quadrupled its funding — ending at…

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