Amazing, and unfortunately sad to know that this is exactly what I am with billions of other people around me around the globe 😦

The Henry Brothers' Jim Jam Slam

In Turkish, şiir (pronounced shear) means poem and sihirbaz literally means magic master or wizard. So we’ve created a new word, şiirbaz or poem master, word wizard or possibly even poetician. A poetician being someone who is as adept at word play as a politician, but with all the lies taken out.

Someone we think worthy of the title ‘Şiirbaz’ is Marshall Soulful Jones, poet, performer, musician and as we found upon contacting him, one of life’s gentlemen.

We recently did a show at the 8th Cevre ELT conference. The conference title was ‘Teacher and Student Duet: Rhythm – Harmony – Dynamism in Language Learning,’ and the title of our talk was ‘Built in Bounce’ a title we lifted from the poet Jan Dean. We started proceedings with a clip of Marshall performing ‘Touchscreen,’ an ode to the dehumanising, alienating effect of too much on-line interaction and not enough face…

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