Maxon console concept (Backup from The verge post)

Hello Vergers 🙂

Today I will be showing something that I thought when I mixed the best of Console, Mobile/Tablet gaming aspects with some multimedia features and other things… (Note: This is not aimed to be real, but rather a concept to show off what Next-Gen Could be)

I really wanted to do this because it seemed to me that majority of people are not liking what Next-Gen looks like so far..

The Logo


But what’s important is the console’s look and features (Especially the controller)


Console features (Controller):

  • Anti-reflective and semi-glossy piano black skin
  • Packs Bluetooth, NFC (It has it all over the case of the controller for easy opt-in and out of the console)
  • 2 Cameras (8MP Touchpad side with flash and 2MP Touchscreen side)
  • Support for non-tag and tag AR camera mode (NFC and bluetooth also enhances this feature, for example, using a large screen or musical fountains for displaying your character and interacting with it)
  • 4 Physical Buttons (2 Around the Touchpad side Camera, Home/sleep, hold both of them to shutdown/power on) – R and LT
  • There are no Physical buttons on the front of the controller, watermark logo on the back.
  • (Not in this picture) Mini-USB for Charging or Wired Controller.
  • 10 Fingers multi-touch screen with support for Senseg Technology for Virtual Texture/Simulator of physical buttons
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope with Touchpad (Multi-touch but optional for being overly used, can be used as secondary L and R buttons also) with addition to be used also as a motion controller as another option.
  • Can be used with comfort in Landscape and Portrait modes.
  • Kinect-like motion controlling with support of both cameras (Standing, sitting or with only hands used, another optional option)
  • 16:9 1280×720 resolution screen
  • The dimensions of this controller is a little smaller than the Galaxy Note. ( 142 x 80 x 7.8 to 8.5 )
  • Optional, Detachable controller that looks like this: [LINK]
  • Gesture and Edge screen swipes support

Console case



Console features (Console box):


  • Glossy piano black skin
  • Support for 720p, 1080i, 1080p, Any resolution that is less than 4320p and 1080p can scale it but optimize it –
  • Ditches any resolution blow 720p
  • Support for 3DTV glasses or non-glasses 3DTVs
  • Front surface that support NFC paring with any device that support NFC paring and has Maxon App for being a controller and companion
  • Support for 3rd Party controllers and manual configuration of it (Including Bluetooth ones)
  • Ditches DVDs, Blu-ray, instead of Digital-only option, it has SD HC/XD cards support as a standard for Physical games (Downloadable games also available, optimized versions of the same game available for Mobiles, tablets, PC/Mac/Linux also)
  • Support for custom HDD/SDD storage internal
  • USB2/3, HDMI and wired/wireless HDMI/Power supply
  • Watermark of logo on the front.
  • Power button, Sync button on the front (Touch)
  • Notification screen on the front of the console (white color on black background)
  • Capable of multitasking up to 10 apps/games (Not if some games have heavy resources)
  • CPU and GPU Capable of rendering 3D graphics like on PC with being the latest but also not the most expensive and power-friendly
  • 1 Large Fan inside the case (In the middle of the case)



Features of the platform:


  • Complete ban on In-app purchasing and DLC/In-disc DLC (Replaced by constant/continues updates provided for free and Mods submitted by users and companies)
  • Cross-platform multiplayer/Companion app for pocket, mobile/tablet and computers with Maxon console
  • Buy one game on any platform/console, get it on any other owned device/console (if you are on the same account, family accounts are capable of doing this expect it includes it in one library of family accounts)
  • Computer graphical configuration settings that can be customized are also on Console/Platform Apps
  • Universal better than Playstation Home/Miis/Xbox Avatars game and avatar system, UniPlanet
  • Indie/user-created games can be submitted and rated on by users and have own forums to improve and multiple versions unfinished to try before the final game comes
  • Crowd sourcing games and features list to be added
  • One thing that is on OYUA and not on Maxon is that its NOT hackable easily
  • Console and platform to have fluid and universal API and support for multiple languages of programming to use such as C++, HTML, Java, Ruby and more…
  • Many engines support (CryEngine, Unity, and more)
  • Easy and advanced modes of making a game or porting it to make it work on Maxon, auto optimizations of game to be on other platforms Maxon Apps supports (or manual as another option)
  • Console to cost $299/$399
  • Unique web browsing features that can be looked as if the web is a native app (Website is being displayed as native app with native features)
  • Platform App universal on Mobiles, Tablets, Computers that support it. (Used as Companion app, as a controller, as a place to play games, AR support and UniPlanet)

Here you go, you can discuss this, and don’t think that I’m advertising it (this is my idea that I wanted to share to every Verger here)


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